Chicken, Peanut and Chilli Salad.

The classic flavour combination of chilli and ginger meet again in this salad thanks to our ginger and toasted sesame dressing. If you’re not a spice fan, you can omit the chilli – but remember the crunchy lettuce and cool cucumber will help ease the pain!


Ingredients (Serves 2)
2 cooked chicken breasts
1 iceburg lettuce, shredded
½ a cucumber
4 spring onions
1 red chilli, deseeded
handful roasted salted peanuts
Lashings of ginger and toasted sesame dressing



1. Tear or cut your chicken breasts into rough chunks or slices, slice your red chilli, spring onions and cucumber.
2. Assemble the lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, chilli and chicken on a serving platter or in your favourite salad bowl.
3. Scatter with peanuts then drizzle with plenty of ginger and toasted sesame dressing.