Finding Inspiration in your Local Farmer’s Market.

Farmers markets seem to be springing up on every available street corner – and thank goodness for them.


As I step in from the hustle and bustle of the high-street into one of our local food markets, it takes only a few moments perusing the artisanal offerings of small-holders and micro-producers for daily stresses and worries to fade away.


Running hands over baskets of organic, free-range, fresh and often local produce – I hold lively debates with myself as to what sensational dish I’ll “whip-up” for dinner. Picking fresh herbs, and seasonal tomatoes, I think “Maybe I’ll make the perfect Tricolore salad. But just look at those wild mushrooms! And that Parmesan! Perhaps I should do a risotto instead?”


Being a busy mother, I know it’s all too easy to fall into a routine; end up eating the same boring meals again and again. But, if you can find the time, nipping to your local farmer’s market may reinvigorate your appreciation for good food made and fresh ingredients and make tonight’s dinner a little more inspiring.