Our First TV Ad.

Things have been going amazingly well for our little food business. We’ve been so grateful for such positive responses from people who have tried our products and loved them, that this has taken Righteous from strength to strength.


Now that our salad dressings are on supermarket shelves competing against the big brands, we see that the real work had begun.


Our challenge now is to find a way to tell more people about Righteous & our fantastic line of salad dressings, and we thought that the best way to do this is through a TV ad. But as you know, TV advertising can be quite expensive. So while we have some funds, we know this will be far smaller than any advertising budget of our big multinational competitors. We knew that whatever campaign we create really needs to leave its mark (because we will not be able to air it very often or for very long).


We needed our ad to:
– be memorable: for it to catch peoples’ attention & spark interest.
– show Righteous to be not just another health food brand.
– shows that salads can actually be exciting and enticing with the right accompaniment.


Through the passion – and the hard work of a group of friends that helped us put the ad together – we truly believe that we’ve come up with something that we can be proud of. It’s fun and sexy and we hope it will whet your appetite for salads and for Righteous!