Our long awaited Single Serve Pots are finally in Production.

Our long awaited portion pots are finally in production & will soon be ready to ship to farm shops and convenience stores near you!


We’re so excited seeing our single serve dressings in production because it’s the first of its kind in that you’ll find in the ambient salad dressing aisle!


We worked hard to develop this product on request from small farm shop owners. They come in shelf ready displays that fit perfectly on small store shelves and can be sold side by side with fresh salads. The great thing is they’ve got a 12 month shelf life (with no preservatives of course!) and retail for only 69p!


Ideal for farm shops, garden centers, delis and convenience stores. They can be ordered via Cotswold Fayre or Tree of Life UK


If you are interested in distributing this product, email info@loverighteous.com