Righteous voted UK Cool Brand™.

Cool Brands™ is an annual initiative to identify and pay tribute to the nation’s coolest brands. Brands are selected via an independent survey from 3,000 consumers and a panel of industry experts.We feel so priveleged that Righteous was selected to sit alongside iconic brands such as Apple, British Airways, Selfridges, Pret A Manger, Green & Black’s, and Virgin Atlantic.

This is the 14th year that Cool Brands™ has been canvassing the opinions of experts like Designer Amanda Wakeley, The British Fashion Council’s Chief Executive Caroline Rush and others; as well as 3,000 people across the UK.
The concept of ‘Cool’ is something subjective and personal. Voters are not given a definition but are asked to bear in mind: Style, Originality, Desirability, Innovation, Authenticity & Uniqueness.
We are just glad that we stayed true to what we believe the personality of Righteous is and that this has been strong enough to resonate with people around the country.

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